Beer and Wine

Here at Maggie Smith’s Irish Pub we take pride in offering our customers a generous selection of fine beers and wines to satisfy any taste.  Our impressive beer selection covers an ambitious range from popular macro-brews to amazing local craft beers.  Our selection of fine wines offers value and distinction, with popularly priced Seasonal House Varietals by the glass and an international assortment of some well-known selections by the bottle or glass along with some surprising finds you’re sure to enjoy!


All Draft Beer Available in
10 oz. Half Pints, 16 oz. Pints and 20 oz. Imperial Pints


Draught Stout, 4.2% abv
Irish Red Ale, 4.5% abv
Stella Artois
Euro Pale Lager, 5.2% abv
Irish Dry Cider, 4.5% abv
Bud Light
Macro Lager, 4.2% abv
Amber Ale, Breckenridge Brewery,
5% abv
Agave Wheat
American Unfiltered Wheat Ale,
Breckenridge Brewery, 4.2% abv
Breck Lager
Pale Lager, Breckenridge Brewery,
5.1% abv
90 Shilling
Scottish Ale, Odell’s Brewing,
5.3% abv
Dale’s Pale
Pale Ale, Oskar Blues, 6.5% abv
Old Chub
Scotch Ale, Oskar Blues, 8% abv
Nitro Milk Stout
Left Hand Brewery, 6% abv
Apricot Blonde
Fruit Beer, Dry Dock Brewing, 5.1% abv
Tropic King
Imperial Saison, Funkwerks,
7% abv (12 oz pour)
Hop Nosh
India Pale Ale, Uinta Brewing, 7% abv
Black IPA
Black India Pale Ale, Sanitas Brewing,
6.5% abv
Vanilla Porter
Porter, Dry Dock Brewing, 5.4% abv
West Coast IPA
Double India Pale Ale,
Green Flash,
8.1% abv (12 oz pour)
Nitro Backside Stout
Oatmeal Stout,
Steamworks Brewing, 6.2% abv
Imperial India Pale Ale,
Victory Brewing, 8.7% abv (12 oz pour)
Great Divide Rotate
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Stone Brewing Rotate
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Colorado Craft Beer Rotate
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Craft Beer Rotate
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Seasonal House Varietals Available by the Glass $6.50

Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc,
Pinot Grigio, White Zinfandel, Riesling

Pinot Noir, Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon

Ca’Del Sarto Friuli
Pinot Grigio | $8/$30
Citrus flavors on the palate with a crisp, balanced finish

Stellina Di Notte Vento
Pinot Grigio | $10/$38
Fresh, dry wine with fragrant fruit, floral and spice aromas

Columbia Winery Cellarmasters
Riesling | $9/$
34Crisp, Fresh Melon, Citrus.

Wild Rock Marlborough
Sauvignon Blanc | $8/$30
The palate has flavors of lime, grapefruit, and gooseberry

Chatron La Fleur Bordeaux
Sauvignon Blanc | $10/$38
Floral and fruity aromas are enhanced by
similar flavors and crisp acidity on the palate

A by Acacia
Chardonnay | $8/$30
Ripe Silky Fruit, Tropical Aromas, Vanilla, Honeysuckle.

Crème De Lys
hardonnay | $10/$38
Aromas of green apple lead to a palate full oflush tropical fruit with citrus notes


Pinot Noir | $8/$30
Aromas of sandalwood, violets, cherry, and strawberry with a complex palate that finishes with a hint of toasted oak

Hob Nob Languedoc
Pinot Noir | $10/$38
This Pinot Noir is medium-bodied with soft tannins,
to create a smooth, rich texture

Merlot | $8/$30
Hints of black cherry preserves and white chocolate finish
with dark fruits and soft tannins

Jade Mountain
Merlot | $10/$38
Rich dark cherry and plum intermingle with caramel notes
and hints of asian spice and cinnamon

Dona Paula
Malbec – $8/$30
Aromas of black fruits, violets, and spices leading with soft tannins

Finca De Origen
Malbec – $10/$38
Plum and floral notes combine with vanilla and
chocolate and a finish with soft tannins

14 Hands
Cabernet Sauvignon- $8/$30
Spiced cherry, plum, cocoa, velvety tannins

Cabernet Sauvignon – $10/$38
Blackberry notes with toffee, dark cherry,
Dutch cocoa, tea leaf, and fig compote

Seasonal Cocktails

Our seasonal cocktail list has just the drink to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  View our full seasonal cocktail menu below.

Seasonal Cocktails

Iced Irish Coffee $7
Tullamore Dew, Coffee, Brown Sugar, House Made Whipped Cream

Maggie’s Old Fashioned $9
Teeling Irish Whiskey, Benedictine, Orange Bitters, Angostura Bitters

Hot Toddy $8
Kilbeggan, Hot Water, Lemon Juice, Honey, Cinnamon, Cloves

Dreamy Winter Delight $7
Bailey’s, Amaretto, Hot Chocolate, House Made Whipped Cream

Nutty Irishman $7
Bailey’s, Frangelico, Hot Coffee, House Made Whipped Cream

Family Tradition $8
Laird’s Applejack, Cranberry Tea Infused Hot Apple Cider,
Cinnamon Stick

Araby Bazaar $8
Hendricks Gin, Lemon Juice, Honey, Rhubarb Bitters

Hot Chocolate Martini $9
Rekya Vodka, Cooled Hot Chocolate, Bailey’s, Crème de Cocoa,
Vanilla Extract

Southwestern Hot Toddy $8
Milagro Repesado, Hot Water, Agave Nectar, Lemon Juice,
Cinnamon, Chocolate Bitters

Hot Buttered Rum $7
Meyer’s Dark Rum, Butterscotch Schnapps, Brown Sugar, Hot Water,
House Made Whipped Cream

Manhattan $9
Basil Hayden’s, Sweet Vermouth, Maraschino liqueur, Peychaud
Bitters, Cherry Bitters

Rusted Nail $8
Monkey Shoulder Scotch, Drambuie, Orange Bitters

Irish Whiskey & Scotch

From its earliest days, whiskey has been known for its curative and creative properties. It evolved into a unique cultural icon of the people who savored it. It has charmed saints and tormented sinners. Each country, each distiller and blender, has made a distinct interpretation of this drink. Today, whiskey is enjoying yet another revival as a cultural icon. While the exact origins are lost in the mists of time, it is generally accepted that the ancient Celts (Scots, Irish, Cornish and Welsh) knew how to distill grains at least as far back as 800 BC. Given that they lacked the climate to grow the more fragile grapevines, their use of cereals such as barley and rye, both of which grew well in the northern European climate, was a logical choice. Those Celts viewed their fiery brew as a gift from their gods that literally brought the dead to life and warmed even the coldest spirit. In fact, in Celtic, whiskey is called “uisge beatha”—the water of life.

Irish Whiskey

Sweet, Mellow Vanilla, Crisp. $6

Jameson 12
Spicy Sweetness, Sherry, Subtle Fruit. $8.

Jameson Gold
Full Bodied, Rich and Complex. $8

Jameson 18
Olorosso Sherry, Impeccable Smoothness, Clean. $12

Perfection, Luxuriously Smooth and Rich. $25

Honey, Barley, Citrus Sweetness. $6

Sweet Honey, Dry, Oak.. $6

Light, Crisp, Refreshingly Clean.. $6

Honey, Vanilla, Slight Peat.. $6

Full Bodied, Slight Peat, Rich and Complex.. $6

Black Bush
Smooth, Refined Complexities, Light Smoke, Subtly Sweet. $8

10 year-Bourbon Cask Notes, Subtle Sweetness, Vanilla. $8

Bushmill’s 16 year
Complex Wood Notes, Subtlely Sweet. $12

Red Breast
Full Bodies, Thick, Rich, Well Rounded. $9

Tullamore Dew
Orange Rind, Trace Vanilla, Exceptional. $6

Thick Peat Smoke, Full Bodied, Luxurious.- $9

Scotch Whisky

Aberlour 12
Vibrant, clean long swift finish. $13

Ardbeg 10
Peat smoke, tarry rope, light lemon and brine. $11

Ardbeg Corryvreckan
A peaty, peppery taste beneath a balanced dram. $21

Balvenie 12 Double Wood
Nutty sweetness, vanilla, sherry. $12

Balvenie 17
Vanilla oak notes with a dry oaky finish. $31

Chivas Regal
Rich, clean, lingering finish. $8

Caol Ila 12
Lightly medicinal, with a smoky seaweed taste. $16

Macallan 18
Sweet Sherry Cask Notes, Slight Smoke, Perfectly Balanced $22

Dalwhinnie 15
Soft, refined, clean and vibrant. $16

Dewar’s White Label
Crisp, light, subtle honey and spice sweetness. $6

Glenfiddich 12
Easy drinking, mellow, caramel and honey. $9

Glenfiddich 14
Woody spices, toffee, toasted oak, ripe summer fruit. $9

Glenfiddich 15
Leathery, oak, spicy, subtle banana. $16

Glenfiddich 18
Woody spice, caramel, sea water. $24

Glenlivet 12
Fruity tones, clean, soft. $9

Glenlivet 15
Rich aroma, mellow barley notes, lingering finish. $16

Glenlivet 18
Mature oak flavors, deep unmistakable honey notes. $24

Glenmorangie 10
Delicate and rich, subtle aromas. $10

Glenmorangie Lasanta
Sweet sherry, warm, oaky vanilla, subtle melon. $11

Glenmorangie Nectar D’or
Honey, marzipan, cedar, soft leather notes. $18

Glenmorangie Quinta
Bitter baker’s chocolate, vinous sweetness. $12

Johnnie Walker Red
Light peat, semi sweet, balanced. $6

Johnnie Walker Black
Well integrated, subtle phenols and barley notes. $9

Johnnie Walker Green
Vatted malt, rich and peppery. $16

Johnnie Walker Gold
Subtle heather, light peat, spicy finish. $18

Johnnie Walker Blue
Vanilla, rich peat smoke, immensely smooth. $47

Lagavulin 16
Layers of peat smoke with a clean sweet back bone. $23

Laphroaig 12
Medicinal peat, seaweed brine, smoked meats, lemongrass. $11

Macallan 12
Sweet sherry, subtle spice, slight peat. $14

Macallan 15
Fine oak-semi dry, deep oak palate, caramel notes. $22

Macallan 18
Sweet sherry cask notes, slight smoke, perfectly balanced. $47

Oban 14
Marzipan, honey, sea water and peat. $16

Peat Monster
Big rich and peaty, hints of oak and malt. $11